We Are

Britt Barton is a creative firm that makes ideas possible, affordable, and less complicated. We often work with small teams who need guidance through the creative process, as well as high quality.

We make products our clients hold in their hands or see on a screen. We make concert posters, Senate websites, stage sets, interior experiences, logos, magazines, animations and more.

But there is one thing we’ve made for every client.

We Make

Many people we work with are new to the creative process. They’ve crafted a great idea or terrific service, but they’re busy with their day jobs. And, they’ve never pushed their ideas out into the world.

We make sure where they’re starting connects with where they want to land.

We can, because we’ve made the trek many times before.


Your job might require walking across town for an in-home service. Or your client might simply santer in your shop. You might get a call and you’re off offering advice. But all your connections, online, phone, or in person, require a sincere and intentional connection.

It may take a bit to see the natural ways you connect at your best. We help you, so those you serve come back because they know they are seen and valued.

Making Options

We’ve discovered our clients like options, especially with great value. 

So we’ve reworked the market. We created branded elements for specific types of small businesses that your competitors can’t use. 

Some branded elements you can hold in your hands. Others you can flip through and read. Some you can put up on your shop’s powerwall or in your window for custom publicity and recognition. 

Others elements provide live access to experts’ advice on advertising, branding, marketing, or current trends. 

And all our elements are priced so you get impact each month for around the price of a smart haircut. 

Make Contact

We really want to hear about your professional goals and needs. Shoot us a line and we’ll connect. In the meantime, peruse a few pieces we’ve created.

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